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Wake & Bake With The NEW Wake & Bake Mugs!

Wake & Bake Mug Green

Ah, the Wake & Bake mug. The expression “wake and bake” is a ritual for many, in which a person wakes up and smokes marijuana right then, first thing in the morning – even before he brushes his teeth, has breakfast or does anything else.

Of course, what could be better if  one got up after a long sleep, baked to put his body in a super cool and relaxed mode and simply fell back to sleep once again? Just about anybody would give it all up for a life like that – and now, you can join in on the fun!

Wake & Bake Mug BlackAbove all, the Wake & Bake Mug must have been the brain child of a very intelligent person. They combined a beautiful coffee mug with a pipe, built right in. It comes in several shapes and sizes in beautiful designs to suit individual tastes and preferences. The Wake and Bake mugs are unique, and the outer mug is sometimes given an awesome texture for aesthetics. Wake and Bake mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe. They can hold both hot and cold liquids. Most designs of these mugs have the pipe run from front to back. It makes a great gift for any smoker friend.

Wake & Bake Mug Yellow

Some people enjoy marijuana, while many others find similar enjoyment in a cup of coffee. Yet many other people find that marijuana and coffee make an awesome combination and taste great together! A Wake and Bake mug delivers your morning dose caffeine and the choicest tobacco or marijuana in a single handy vessel. Imagine that time you will save in the morning!

Wake & Bake Mug White


You can alternate between the two to enjoy your early morning concoction. The liquid coffee in no way spoils the fun of your smoking. A hollow chamber connects the cup to a mouthpiece on top of the mug- handle. You simply stuff your tobacco, marijuana or other herb into the small bowl in the front and light it up. You inhale through a small hole located on the top of the handle. This lets you have the best of both worlds, as they say!

Both smokers of marijuana and non-smokers alike can agree that life is indeed stressful. Being able to have a toke with your morning coffee? Well that’s just plain delightful. So, relax – enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed, and Wake & Bake every morning with your very own Wake & Bake Mug, available at both Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher and Smokin’ Iguana !

The Wake & Bake Mug