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Why I love Raw Rolling Papers By Hawaiian Dan

The Pleasure of Smoking a Joint

There is just something ritualistic about rolling up a big fat one for the group to blaze down on during a sesh. Somehow, the ability to break down the bud, stuff the paper and twist evenly becomes a valuable skill among those in the circle. The oral fixation, the feeling of community when sharing the joint, every aspect of burning one down evokes positive feelings within me. When choosing which paper to use, RAW rolling papers are at the top of that list. In the culture of stoners, it has a strong cult-like following with tokers that choose RAW every time with no exception.

Unbleached Vs Organic Raw Papers

There are a few benefits from choosing RAW papers over competitors, both tangible and intangible. RAW papers come in two different styles, Unbleached Classics and 100% Organic. The Classic brand is made up of unrefined, unbleached fibers and the Organic brand uses 100% organic hemp. RAW also boasts that the Organic papers use an eco-friendly process to make each pack of papers. One anecdotal difference between that two types that some consumers mention is that the Organic papers taste a little harsher than the Classic. Many people don’t experience a difference and find value that the intangible aspects of the Organic brand outweigh this difference.

The Watermark

One aspect of RAW rolling papers that is heard iterated repeatedly is the crisscross watermark used throughout the paper. In many cases, it is what is used to judge an authentic Raw product with a counterfeit. The company states, and I confirm, that the run-preventing watermark helps the paper burn slowly and evenly, giving you the best experience when consuming your tobacco, herbal products, or medical cannabis.


Acacia Senegal (Gum Arabic)

Another noteworthy complaint referenced with the RAW brand is the glue is easy to lick clean off if the roller is a little too aggressive with his/her spit. That is not too much of an issue for me; I don’t like to make out with my doobies. The bonding agent uses an all-natural, edible Acacia Senegal glue derived from the Acacia Tree. This substance is also used in candies, soda’s, and paints to name a few other applications. Knowing that the glue is all natural and doesn’t have a myriad of chemicals or other substances to alter the properties of the adhesive outweighs the sensitive attributes of the material.

RAW as a Business

Many people are under the assumption that RAW is its own entity in the business world. However, much like Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut with the YUM Brands, Inc., a conglomerate owns RAW rolling paper. The company is HBI International, and they also own notable brands such as Elements, Juicy Jay’s, and Zen to name a few. Despite this, I feel that the marketing team has done a great job in keeping the brands separate and preserved the strong following the RAW brand has created.

Last Call

In many headshops and dispensaries, the choice of what paper to use can be daunting. Like cereal brands, it seems like there are a million companies with a dozen different brands competing over the customer’s dollar. From the beginning, RAW has stayed true to their belief of providing the purest experience when sharing a joint. It is unprecedented in taste, burning functionality, and overall experience when consuming your herb, tobacco, or marijuana… but that’s just my humble opinion 😉