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Should You Buy a Dr. Dabber Boost H-Nail?


Vape pens are great for a small sneak a toke on the go, but they do not replace the rip of an oil rig. Introducing the H-nail (specifically the Boost made by Dr. Dabber) an electronic, water filtered electronic hand nail.


These units come with ceramic, titanium, and quartz nails for whatever terpene profile you desire out of your essential oils. This unit comes with a sturdy, convenient carrying case to keep all your dabbing tools together. dr-dabber-nails
Before taking your first dab, ensure that the unit has a full charge. It is charged using a micro-USB to USB cord, and takes 2-3 hours to fully charge. The light on the unit will glow purple while it is charging and change to green to indicate a full charge. This device is powered by removable 2500 mAh batteries. This is a great aspect because you can always keep a backup battery ready to go at any time. You never have to wait for the unit to charge as long as you keep a full battery in the case.

dr-dabber-glass-chamber          To assemble the unit, fill the spill proof percolation chamber with about  ½ to 1 once of fluid and connect it to the ceramic top. After this is complete, select the desired nail and screw it onto the ceramic heating element. Next, attach the stainless steel magnetic dabber onto the magnetic carb cap and load a small amount of wax consistency material onto the tip of the dab tool.



Now you are ready to toke your first dab. Turn the unit on by pressing the branded, LED lit button in a sequence (five times for the ceramic and quartz nails and three times for the titanium nail) and look for the light to turn from blue to white. Wait approximately 45 seconds for the Boost to reach the ideal dabbable temperature. Place the dab into the heated nail, inhale through the sidecar glass piece, and use the carb cap to create a convection effect, giving you that sweet, milky hit! When you are sufficiently dabbed out, turn off the unit by pushing the power button five times (making sure the LED light turns off) and wait for it to cool before removing the glass water attachment. The nail takes only a few moments to cool down. The medical grade silicone cover for the nail allows you to quickly and easily pack away your Dr. Dabber without worry.

si-blog-post-111816-dr-dabber-5          Simply use a small amount of Formula 420  to clean the unit quickly and thoroughly. Put about 1.5 OZ (or about a shot glass full) of the cleaning agent into the glass attachment and shake gently. Warm water can also be used with the glass piece to make the oils more viscous and easy to clean. A firm puff of air through the unit will help dislodge any troublesome debris. A Q-tip lightly soaked in Formula 420 can be used to clean the ceramic top and nails used on the unit. Keeping your unit clean optimizes the taste and efficiency of the rig.


Packing your torch, rig, nail, dabber, and carb cab can be arduous while a concentrate pen does not provide the same powerful hit. These benefits are what makes the H-nail different from any other smoking accessory. It provides the portability of concentrate pens and the delivers the powerful hit you are used to from a glass rig. I have also found, when compared to other glass water attachments, the glass on this unit is extra strong and takes much more to shatter. One of the points that sold me on the Dr. Dabber brand was the one year, no questions asked warranty that they offer. Couple that with their outstanding customer service and you can rest assured that you can always dab on the go. The all in one aspect of this unit also brings monetary value. It may be a major investment at one time, but it has a much greater value when you add up what you would spent on a glass rig, dabber, torch, and nail. All in all, I recommend that you pick one up today!